निक्षेप तथा कर्जा सुरक्षण काेष
Deposit and Credit Guarantee Fund

Contact Information

Office Address

Deposit and Credit Guarantee Fund 

Central Office, Naxal, Kathmanmdu

P.O. Box : 11014

Tele : +977-1-4421241, +977-1-4410659 

Fax : +977-1-4431710

E-mail :


Regional Office

Morang Biratnagar Office

Tele : +977-021-440089 (Ph/fax)


Chitwan Bharatpur Office

Tele :+977-056-526728 (Ph/fax)


Kaski Pokhara Office

Tele :+977-061-538669 (Ph)


Nepalgunj Office

Tele :+977-081-551740 (Ph)

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