निक्षेप तथा कर्जा सुरक्षण काेष
Deposit and Credit Guarantee Fund


1. The loan advanced by the member institutions to the sector of service and industry up to Rs. 5 million per loan compulsorily and the investment up to Rs. 10 million per loan under DCGF's  approval is guaranteed by DCGF.

2. The premium rate is 0.15% up to Rs. 10 million and 0.175% up to Rs. 5 million on the basis of outstanding balance of each half-year i.e, 0.30% and 0.35% respectively per annum.

3. The bank can file the claim of the unrecovered outstanding loan till the due date of payment within two years of the due date of payment.

4. The compensation rate is 80% up to Rs. 5 million and 70% up to Rs. 10 million of the outstanding balance of the loan at due date.