निक्षेप तथा कर्जा सुरक्षण काेष
Deposit and Credit Guarantee Fund

Educational Loan and Educated Unemployment Business Loan Guarantee

1.The education loan advanced by member institutions upto the limit of Rs. 1 million.

2.The loan advanced by the member institutions without collateral or on a group guarantee to the educated unemployed persons for skill development and training which will benefit them to raise their own business upto the limit of Rs. 5,00,000.

3.The premium is fixed at 1% per annum out of which only 20% of premium amount (i.e 0.20% of the guaranteed amount) shall be paid by the member institution at the rate of 0.10% each on the outstanding loan of Magh end and Shrawan end respectively. Remaining 80% of premium amount (i.e 0.80% of the guaranteed amount) will be received as subsidy from the Government of Nepal.

4.The maximum tenure to lodge claim by member institutions with the Fund is within two years from the due date of payment of Loan.

5.The compensation rate is 80% of the outstanding balance of the loan at due date.